Coconut Sugar Organic


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Coconut Sugar Organic

Certified Organic Coconut Sugar, sustainably grown and processed without the use of any artificial inputs; is traditionally hand-harvested by farmers, who collect nectar from the coconut palm blossoms. The nectar is then boiled to reduce the moisture content and allowed to set into a hard block; which is crushed to produce this delightful sugar. Coconut palms have a lighter impact on the environment than many other crops; using about 1/5th of the water and soil nutrients than sugar cane, but producing around 50% more sugar per acre – while providing valuable wildlife habitats. Coconut sugar has a natural golden colour, crystalline texture, sweet coconut aroma and light toffee flavour. Organic coconut sugar is delicious in hot beverages; and can be used in raw food treats, baked goods and dessert or savoury dishes that require a sweet touch.

How to Use:

Coconut sugar adds a unique rich sweetness to tea, coffee or hot chocolate. It is also delightful when sprinkled over fresh berries and fruit salads. Or serve with steaming porridge or rice pudding and let it melt away to a scrumptious syrup.

This sugar can be used in place of rapadura or white sugar in many recipes, including curries and hotpots, marinades and sticky sauces, raw treats, and baked goods – especially muffins, cookies and fruit cakes. Simply replace other sugars 1:1, or use it instead of agave syrup and honey.

It will cream with butter; and makes an irresistible toffee or caramel.


Organic Coconut Palm Sugar.


No known allergens.

This product may contain traces of allergens due to possible cross-contamination.


Store in an air tight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration recommended in warm climates.

Shelf Life:

Up to 24 months when stored as above. See best before date.