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Honey is one of nature’s own remedies. For centuries, cultures all over the world have used it therapeutically, from applying to wounds to soothing sore throats. Thanks to its natural immune-boosting properties, raw honey is a wonderful thing to have in your cupboard during the winter months.

What are the benefits of raw honey?

  1. Help soothe a sore throat
  2. Delicious in cooking
  3. A great substitute to processed sugars
  • 1. Help soothe a sore throat

    Try adding a spoon full of raw honey to teas, to help soothe a sore throat. Raw honey also goes wonderfully with fresh ginger and lemon in teas!

  • 2. Delicious in cooking

    Raw honey is very versatile when it comes to cooking. It is delicious when added to salad dressings, marinades, drizzled over roasted vegetables and in many desserts.

  • 3. A great substitute to processed sugars   

    Raw honey works really well when used in place of processed sugars. Try adding some raw honey instead of sugar to tea, baking recipes, oatmeal, raw treats and more!

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Raw Honey facts

Much of the honey we consume today is a long way from its natural state. Some commercial operators have even been known to blend corn and sugar syrups and try and pass that off as honey! Even when it does start out as real honey, the way commercial honey is processed can rob it of much of its goodness. Commercial honey is routinely pasteurised or heat-treated at high temperatures. It makes it easier to work with, but it can also destroy enzymes, heat-sensitive antioxidants and nutrients. To give it that clear and pure golden look, it’s also filtered. Unfortunately, this process removes the super-nutritious bee pollen – one of the best parts of the honey! Raw honey, on the other hand, is as close to its natural state as possible – straight from the hive. It often looks cloudy, or has little specks in it, and this is a good sign. It means it has not been filtered or pasteurised, the bee pollen has not been removed, and its antioxidants remain intact. Our honey is raw, unheated, unprocessed and comes directly from the farmer to you. It is available in-store or on our online shop.