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To celebrate Plastic Free July, we asked the incredible Amanda from our Battersea store what zero-waste means to her and her top tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle...
  • What does zero waste living mean to you?

    • Minimise waste that destroys the planet for our future generations.
    • Respect for the environment.
    • By consuming less, and therefore creating less waste in turn helps protect animals and their habitats.
    • Knowing that every small action helps – zero waste doesn’t need to be perfect!
    • Spreading the word to your family and friends that may otherwise not think of the small changes they can make!
  • What are your top sustainability tips for Plastic Free July?

    • Eliminate single-use items for your summer parties and picnic..
    • Choose reusable options.
    • Buy in bulk.
    • Compost if you can… food waste can be collected by local authorities but if this isn’t available, research local allotments that may take your waste.
    • Shop at your local farmer market for fresh produce – this means you are supporting and sustaining local businesses that care for the environment, and on top of this you get delicious, plastic free produce!
    • Always ask yourself – is it necessary? I recommend keeping a list of things that are a ‘want’ and review it every month as wants and trends can change so regularly… if you still really want that item, see if you can get it second hand!
    • Take reusable bags for your shopping, this may seem small, but it is one action that can really make a difference, and save you money.
    • Check labels of personal care products avoiding anything with “polyethylene”.
  • How has reducing your plastic use improved your day to day life?

    • By writing a weekly menu and shopping only the necessary I have managed to save money and I am eating healthier.
    • I enjoy more spending time in my kitchen cooking with fresh ingredients from the market instead of ordering take away or buying packed ready meals from the supermarket.
    • I have become more concerned about the world we are living and appreciate more the little steps that I am introducing in my daily living.



    Once a long time ago my philosophy teacher told me that a beautiful beach is made of little tiny pieces of grains of sand. I have embraced this thought throughout my life and I am very happy now to know that I am one of those small grains of sand working towards a better, healthier future.

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