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It’s common knowledge that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And yet, many people are unaware of how their breakfast habits are damaging their health. To help you identify poor breakfast habits, here are five of the most common ones and why you should change them:
  • Skipping breakfast


    With the popularity of diet trends like intermittent fasting, skipping the first meal of the day is becoming more common. While it can help deliver quick weight loss results, research shows that it’s actually detrimental to long-term health. Based on a study by The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, skipping breakfast is linked with diabetes and cholesterol. These are known risk factors of cardiovascular disease.


    What’s more, not getting your calories early on might lead to overeating later in the day. You might excuse yourself for eating bigger portions or snacking more frequently given that you skipped one meal. But you might not realise that you’re consuming more than your required caloric intake, slowly piling on unwanted pounds.

  • Eating packaged food


    Grabbing pre-made food like breakfast cereals or granola is a tendency for busy people. However, these food items are usually laden with unhealthy chemicals like corn syrup or sodium.


    If you want a quick option in the morning, consider replacing your usual with oats. You can cook porridge or make overnight oats, both of which are extremely delicious and nutritious. The good thing about whole grains like oats is that they also taste well with other ingredients. Consider stirring in some of the ingredients mentioned in our list of ‘The Best Brain Foods For Breakfast’, like nuts or chia seeds. By making your own food, you become more conscious of what actually goes into it and into your body.

  • Too many coffee additives


    Another big breakfast mistake is relying on caffeinated drinks for energy. Some people like to add heaps of sugar and creamer, or order fancy beverages with added sugars to get a quick morning boost. However, those are just extra calories, and the energy you get from those sugars will disappear in a few hours.


    You’re better off sticking to a regular coffee drink, or trying something like green coffee beans, which have added benefits. It’s widely used as a weight loss aid without all the negative and harmful side effects. Pretty Me’s review of Lean n’ Green Coffee explains that the beverage, which has green coffee beans as the main ingredient, improves your metabolism. That means your body is more efficient in converting food and fat into energy so you won’t have to rely so much on sugary coffee. Regardless of your choice of morning booster, make sure not to pour in too many unhealthy additives!


  • Overdoing it on the juice


    Drinking too many fruit juices in the morning can also be bad for you. Experts from Harvard University point out that they often contain too much sugar, sometimes as much as fizzy drinks do. Plus, juicing strips the fruits of fibre.


    That’s not to say that fruit and vegetables are bad for you. In fact, you’re probably not getting enough greens and nature’s candy. However, if you were to choose a healthier option, drink smoothies instead of juice, as these retain the fibres. Or better yet, eat the fruit as they’re meant to be eaten!


  • Eating too quickly


    Some people gulp down their food too quickly. But an article by The Guardian explains that eating too fast is linked with being overweight. That’s because your body doesn’t get enough time to signal the brain that it’s full, which can cause overeating. Breakfast is one of the best meals of the day, so make sure to eat more deliberately and savour each tasty bite.


Author Bio:


Carol Andrews is a fitness and healthy food blogger. She’s into many different sports, including running, rock climbing, and cycling. As an athletic person, she naturally developed a love for healthy food and believes in the old saying, ‘Let food be thy medicine.’



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