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How to use Beauty Kubes plastic free shampoo and conditioner the right way! Hint - it's the opposite way to that of a shampoo bar! As Beauty Kubes is a brand new concept to the beauty market, it can take some people a bit of time to get used to using them. If you don’t use them in the correct way, you may not get the best experience from them, and we want all of our customers to enjoy the fantastic lather and incredibly soft and shiny hair! Although the Kubes have been formulated to perform well in hard water areas, the water in these areas can have an adverse effect on foamability. Don’t worry, used correctly, one Kube should be enough for you to generate a wonderfully luxurious foam enough to wash hair that is below shoulder level. Whereas a shampoo bar degrades over time, our Kubes are single use and 1 Cube = 1 wash!

    Step 1.) Take one Kube from the box and place it on the taps in your shower or on the shelf. Leave the remaining box in your cupboard. This is to prevent accidentally wetting the Kubes you don’t use.

    Step 2.) Make sure your hair is wet thoroughly. Obvious – yes we know – but because we are dispersing a relatively solid product through the hair, the wetter your hair the easier it will be for the product to smooth over the hair and for you to create a good lather.

    Step 3.) Take one Kube and place it between your wet hands and crush it. It’s as simple as that, then rub your hands together for a few moments until you get a thick paste. Smooth the paste over the wet hair and massage to get a really good lather going.

    Step 4.) Rinse thoroughly.

    Tips: You don’t need to add more water to the thick paste when it is in the palm of your hand, you will just dilute the concentrated shampoo. The water in your hair will be enough to create the lather.


    Step 1.) Take one plastic free conditioner Kube and crumble it into the palm of one hand. It is a very different formula than the plastic free shampoo, so you won’t be able to just crush it between your palms.

    Step 2.) Then add a few drops of water and keep adding until you have a smooth paste. Rub your hands together for a few moments so that the paste turns white and sticky!

    Step 3.) Smooth the paste over the hair, concentrating on areas that are prone to tangles. You may find that if you have hair that is longer than mid-back length, that you need to use 2 Kubes, just as you would need more liquid conditioner to cover your hair.

    Step 4.) Leave on for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

    Tips: You can use 2 x Kubes on your hair once every so often as a more intensive treatment and leave on for up to 5 minutes.

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