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Do you despair when you see all the plastic waste in your bathroom? Well, before you make a pledge to never wash again I have got some good news for you. With a few simple changes you can ban plastic from your bathroom and continue to stay fresh and clean.
  • Had you walked into my bathroom a few years ago, you would have seen a row of plastic bottles, un-recyclable razors, various lotions in plastic containers and a shower puff made of, you guessed it, plastic. My old dental care routine? More plastic. Nowadays, the thought of those plastic bottles, razors, toothbrushes and face creams makes me cringe.

    What’ so bad about all that plastic? I’m glad you asked. Conventional plastic is made with crude oil extracted from the earth, which is a non-renewable resource. Not good. Moreover, plastic can take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose and it has been said that all the plastic ever created still exists in some form. Plastic slowly breaks down into small particles that are now floating around in our oceans, environment and is even inside of marine life. These microplastics have even been found in tap and bottled water, and table salt. Yum…

    Here are 7 ways to green up your clean!

    • Break up with shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and face wash bottles. Embrace the wonderful world of bar soaps. Different bar soaps keep me clean from head to toe and I’m kicking myself for not making the switch years ago! If bar soaps are a step too far then find refill options. Many stores now sell a range of refillable body and hair care products.
    • Tell those disposable razors that they no longer make the cut! Swap that disposable razor to a safety razor that is made to last. Yes, you can have smooth legs and help the planet, too. There are safety razors both for him and her so no matter what you’re shaving, let a safety razor do the job. Each blade lasts for quite a while and is cheap to replace. Given the price of disposable razors these days using a safety razor will quickly reduce your shaving expenses.
    • Give the plastic shower puff the boot. Try a soap pouch made with natural fibre sisal or a plastic-free loofah made from Loofah plant.
    • Get real about how many lotions you “really” need. I used to buy various creams for my face and a separate body lotion – that’s a lot of packaging just to keep one person moisturised! Nowadays, one lotion is enough for me. (Being able to buy lotion in bulk has been a total game-changer.) Sometimes I spice things up with DIY body cream by mixing melted coconut oil and cacao butter and a few drops of essential oil. Easy, peasy! It might take some trial and error to find the perfect low-waste moisturising solution but start by considering how many lotions you really need. If you’re feeling adventurous the internet is full of tips for making your own creams. I’ve also heard good things about solid lotion bars and some places have return schemes for empty jars. Low-waste lotions are out there, you just have to find your perfect match.
    • Teeth. Brush those pearly whites with a bamboo toothbrush and consider giving toothpaste and mouthwash tablets a go. No waste, just fresh breath. Even flossing can be done in a low-waste style – check out the refillable floss by Georganics.
    • Keep your armpits fresh in a zero-waste way. Deodorants from various brands including Earth Conscious are available in cardboard tubs and recyclable, reusable tin and glass jars – have your pick.
    • And finally, for my ladies out there consider letting a menstrual cup, period pants and/or reusable pads help you cut down your monthly waste even more.


    Not only do all these alternatives reduce waste but they also look prettier in the bathroom than their plastic counterparts. And in the long run they will save you money, too. Win win for both you and the planet! 

    Blog by @anythingbutrubbish

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